About Leader

Leader Electronics Inc.

started as a manufacturer of audio transformers and film capacitors. The capacitors were abandoned very quickly, but the transformers remained until today.

Growing our business successfully

with customers like RCA, APC, Philips and Motorola, we became one of the world leaders in linear power adapters. There were only a few components in the products, with the most expensive and important component being the transformer.We purchased the raw materials and made the transformers ourselves, even acting as a broker for raw copper and silicon steel at points in time. The key seemed to be standardized core sizes and standard wire thicknesses, so that we could have huge inventory of the most common parts,leveraging our buying power tremendously. We were also one of the front-runners with our high-speed winding machines, and automatic impregnation lines, which were very impressive for the mid 90’s on a global level.

In 1999, we started to become successful with Switched Mode Power Supplies

relatively late for the power supply market, if you look at the competition at the time. Switched Mode Power Supplies are however very different products,with a larger BOM count and very small and sensitive components, compared to the Linear Power Supplies we were used to.This changed our manufacturing dramatically, going from a dirty and smelly environment, where transformers were impregnated with lacquer and production lines with only 10 operators, to clear and clean production lines with close to 50 operators per line.

In late 2015, 5 Product Lines were established to drive the company to a new future

how we aim to grow our business in a more specific way. The 5 product lines are Low Wattage, High Power, Magnetics, OEM and Lighting respectively. Our target is to focus on "Small but Beautiful" markets to penetrate the market and to meet the needs of customer from everywhere. Besides achieving the goal from a business perspective, our core value is to provide power products that is refreshing, green and energizing. It is not only to meet the requirement by the Department Of Energy in the United States but as well as to be continued engaged as a "Green" partner.

Furthermore, 4 dedicated Sales Engineering teams

were also managed geographically in late 2015 for providing more comprehensive service to customers. The 4 Sales Engineering teams are focused in Taiwan, China, Japan and the rest of the world. Regardless of where you are, our team can always support you with your needs efficiently. Making our customers satisfied would be our main subject.

Entering our half century

with our goals and continuous innovation and passion, we hope to expand our concepts about our products into everyday lifestyle, and hope that our clients will continue to see us as "The best partner of power solutions". Leader Electronics does more than supply power products; our complete system perspective helps customer with the best powering solution.

Core Value

Refreshing, Green and Energizing Provider of Power Products

Major Milestones

Established in March, 1970
Self-Certified UL & TUV Lab
Publicly Listed on the TaiEx
Sony "SPP" Supplier, Awarded or Preferred Supplier of APC, CISCO, D-Link, Harman, LG, Motorola, Netgear, Panasonic, Rockwell, TCL, Yamaha & etc.
New Headquarter in Taipei
New Factory in Eastern China
A new factory in the Philippines, operational per Sep.
Became a Member of USB-IF
USB PD Product Certified
LLC Product Launched
Engaged in EV Charger Field