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DC-AC Inverter

Leader Inverter is designed for electric vehicle, yacht, solar system, wind power, or other off-grid or stand-alone renewable energy systems. The main features are with pure sine wave output (THD<3%), instant power up to 2000W, battery polarity reverse protection, LED display, and fanless inverter to extend system life.

1 KW Inverter




1KW Inverter

Items Specification
Dimensions(mm) 320*188*65.3 (L*W*H)
Weight(kg) 2.9
Output Maximum Power 1.0KW
Voltage Range 220Vac±3%
Maximum Current 4.55A
Wave True sine wave (THD<3%)
Input Voltage Range 22-33Vdc
Maximum Current 45A
Safety Compliant GB/T 28046.2
Ambient Temperature -40 ~ +50℃ @ 100% load
      70℃@ 50% load
Communication Protocol None
EMI Compliant Compliance to EN55022 class A,EN61000-6-4,CISPR 11,22 ClassA,   AS/NZS CISPR 22 Class A
Protection OLP │ OTP │ SCP