uASL Series


■ Housing: Heavy-duty aluminum-alloy die-cast with
weather-resistant powder coat finish, special flowchannel
design reduce the water, dust and residual
accumulation on the surface
■ Mounting: Any utility mounting arm with pole diameter
between 1¼” and 2”
■ Equipped with standard 3-pin NEMA socket and
shorting cap, option to have 5-pin ANSI C134.61
receptacle and driver for Smart Control applications
■ High-strength tempered glass lens with IESNA type
II、T ype III and type V photometric, safe with roadside
pebble accident
■ 50W at 4 ½ lb. (2kg) weight and 100W at 9 ¼ lb.
(4.2kg) weight.
■ Five-year factory-limited warranty, contact your sales
representative for full information (Terms and
Conditions apply).

■ 50W, 100W system watts power consumption
■ Universal input voltage: 120-277 VAC, 50/60Hz, PF>0.9, THD<20%.
■ Easy serviceable 10kA surge protection device.
■ IESNA photometric type II, type III or type V
■ High efficacy, up to 100 lm/w.
Operating Temperature
■ -40°C to 40°C
■ IP66 weather protection
■ Roadway shock and vibration compliance
■ ROHS compliance